Is Polarizing Prescription Sunglasses A Good Idea?

Sunglasses make you look chic in summer as well as give your eye protection from damaging UV rays. They keep you comfortable from the excess brightness outside. For people wearing prescription glasses, wearing sunglasses is tricky. They will be unable to see clearly, so choosing prescription sunglasses is the best option. 

Fortunately, you can even choose polarised prescription sunglasses for secondary benefits. Banton Framework offers a huge collection of polarized sunglasses, which you can check out on their website. 

What are polarized lenses?

The lens of the sunglasses is polarized with a thin chemical film. This thin film does not allow the bright, harsh light reflected from highway surfaces or water on sunny days to penetrate and impact your eyes. On the other hand, a non-polarized lens just reduces the shimmering reflection or brightness intensity. 

How polarized lens work?

Reflective surfaces like glass, snow, calm water, or even hardtops polarize the bright natural sunlight and its waves are focused in a single horizontal [side-to-side] direction. It causes excessive glare that puts a strain on your eyes. The film coating polarizes the lens and is arranged strategically to block horizontal light reflection and allow normal brightness to pass. 

Can prescription sunglasses get polarized?

Prescription sunglasses are available in different types including single vision, progressive, bifocals, and trifocals. Each type of lens made from polycarbonate, glass, CR39, or TAC can be polarized. Polarization offers prescription sunglasses a secondary benefit to the sunglasses, whose main focus is protection from UV rays.  

With polarized prescription shades, you can reduce glare and enhance visual comfort in multiple ways depending on the situation.

Safe daytime driving

When sunlight hits the arched windshield glass surface and causes a bright glare that is distracting. A polarized lens blocks a majority of the glare, especially on a clear or partially cloudy day. 

Decreasing windshield surface glare allows the driver to clearly view the traffic. For safe driving, it is essential to stay focused rather than adjusting the view or shielding eyes from bright light streaks. 

Boating & fishing

Reflective water surfaces feel washed out with non-polarized sunglasses. When you wear polarized prescription sunshades the colors and the scenery looks clear. You can easily see the coral and rocks. 

Catching fish becomes easy as you can see below the water surface clearly. Polarized lens transforms water sports into a new experience. 

Visual outdoor treat

The open sky seems bluer but tiny particles moving in the air can dim this blue color. A polarizing lens puts a stop to such reflections from the particles and the sky is visible in its deeper bluer appearanceā€¦.a visual treat!


Photographers use a polarizing filter over their camera lenses. Just like polarized glasses, it cuts through reflection and makes the natural color look more vibrant. Photographers can wear polarized sunshades and step back to see what the subject they are planning to click looks like in real-time.

Polarized lens when combined with prescription glasses, you cannot just correct your vision but protect eyes as well as lessen sunlight glare.