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Accessories For The Quirky Bride And Her Bridesmaids

Accessories are the best friend of a girl. Accessories can refresh boring outfits and make the perfect gift for your friends. As you embark on a new life journey, celebrating new relationships and finding fun accessories is a must. You can find beautiful jewelry and bags that match your style.

Wedding ceremonies are no longer boring family events. Instead, they are filled with fun and dance. We have a way to make every event exciting and full of life, not forgetting traditional and cultural ceremonies. It is difficult to find the right set of accessories for quirky brides or bridesmaids without these preparations. Here are few concepts to help you make your decision:

Bridesmaids Accessories

Shrugs or Robes

Twinning can be a great way to get amazing photos of your after-party. If all your bridesmaids are wearing the same robes and shrugs, it will make for some fantastic photographs. You can personalize them with your initials or in fun colors.


There are many options for beautiful tiara, including floral and sequence work as well as personalized ones. You can choose the one that matches your outfits, or you can wear the same one for the perfect team on your special day.


This is the age of personalization. Your footwear is no exception. Your wardrobe will be bursting with color by pairing beautiful heels with the bridal outfits of your friends.


Brooches are the newest in-thing. There are many options available, including ones for tops, jackets, and jeans.

Personalized Clutches

We can’t forget about the most important gift, the beautiful clutches. You can find beautiful resin clutches all over the world. You can match your squad and bridal outfits with the right clutches for your Instagram stories.

Vintage veils

If you are having a retro or vintage-themed wedding, birdcage veils can be a great way for your bride to stand out.

We love the look of a birdcage veil with a glamorous updo. But, you can also wear it as a casual piece. Ask your hairdresser for suggestions!

Beautiful bows

Victoria, a real bride, added a fun twist to her Jenny Packham gown by using cute detachable bows along with the straps. These shoulder details are an easy and fun way to personalize your bridal look and they don’t have to cost a lot!


Another fashion trend these days is personalized pendants. You can have anything carved, from your initials to photos and squad names. It can be worn by all of you together to show your love and strengthen the bond between you. It can become a part of your fondest memories of the good old days.

These are just a few ideas that you can try, and you’ll be able to choose the most practical and fashionable for you and your team. These ideas can be as quirky or simple as you like, but they are the perfect combination of all three. You might also want to look on the internet for more amazing ideas.

You can also add accessories such as personalized sippers and headgears, bracelets or anklets, rings, phone covers, laptop bags, and other accessories. You only need something that will work for your group. You might use it for your wedding, or just as a reminder of your happy times. Make sure you choose wisely. Have a great time shopping!


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