Flower Preserving – 3 Easy Steps

Flowers, we all know, need water to stay fresh. To keep a bridal bouquet or a birthday bloom fresh for months or years, you must dry them out. After flower preserving is complete, Alexandria florist can deliver fresh flowers straight to your door.

Her are 3 simple techniques to dry flowers and preserve precious memories:

Way #1 – Hang Flowers Upside Down To Dry

Perhaps the most frequent method of flower preservation is due to its simplicity. However, be prepared to wait as this is the slowest method of drying flowers. Flowers with a high water content will perish before drying using this procedure. Prepare to lose some petals due to gravity.

Step 1: Remove The Leaves

Taking the leaves off the stem helps the flowers dry faster. If you want your flowers to have a green tint, leave some near the petals.

Step 2: Tie The Flowers Together.

Bundle the flowers on the table and secure the stems with a fishing cord or thread.

Step 3: Invert The Flowers

Hang the flowers upside down in a dry, shaded area. They should dry in 3-4 weeks. The blossoms will be fragile when removed off the stalk.

Way #2 – Pressing Flowers To Preserve Them

Pressing is a popular approach to preserving flowers. It’s an ancient trick that maybe everyone attempted as a kid. This method preserves the color of the blooms while being simple and inexpensive.

So don’t gather flowers on a rainy or humid day. Stick to flowers with flat buds as pressing heavy ones is difficult. Also, large-petalled flowers like roses and dahlias can become deformed when pushed.

Step1 :Preparing Your Flowers For Pressing

Remove the undesirable leaves off the stems and put the flowers flat in a wide book (phonebook). You can also use absorbent paper. Remember that the flowers (buds) cannot overlap.

Step 2: Weight The Flowers

Close the book and stack heavy stuff on top.

Step 3: Press The Blossoms For 2 Weeks.

Leave the flowers squeezed for two weeks to remove all moisture. The petals should be dry and papery when the blooms are ready.

Step 4: Frame The Pressed Flowers

Place the flower buds face down on the frame’s glass. Place the frames back over the flowers. Screw the frame to keep the flowers in place. Glue the flowers to the frame’s wooden back to keep them in place.

Way #3 – Microwave And Silica Sand Dry Flowers

This is a quick way to dry flowers. No restrictions on flower kinds, however, are usefully opened for best results.

The procedure is not without its drawbacks, such as the cost of silica sand, filter masks, and gloves.

Step 1: Prepare The Flowers And Arrange Them

Remove the flower’s stalks first. Then, cover the bottom of a microwave-safe container with a thin coating of silica sand. Then, arrange the flowers in the container, heads up, above the silica sand. Place absorbent papers around the blooms before sprinkling them with silica sand.

Step 2: Lightly Sand The Blossoms

After arranging the flowers in the container, gently sprinkle the silica sand over them.

Step 3: Microwave The Blooms

Microwave on defrost for 2-3 minutes. Remove the flowers from the microwave and set them in the sand for 24 hours, away from direct sunshine, to avoid color loss. So you can be sure the blossoms are dry.

Step 4: Take Flowers Out Of The Sand

With a gentle paintbrush, remove the bloom from the sand. To make the petals look more fresh, you can spray them with hairspray.