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Wonderful news for all of you who adore fashion! At easternfashiononline.com, we have decided to take the plunge and start accepting guest blog posts. If you are a fashion fan, a writer, and an expert who can develop excellent material to Write for us fashion and you look forward to educating people on how to enhance their sense of style or how to dress better, then we have some news for you! Discuss each of the niches using the form below.

When you are ready to write for us, carefully select the topic you will write about. We value pieces from guest authors that are well written and include topics such as the most recent fashion trends, lifestyle advice, beauty and wellness suggestions, and designers. Your article has to be current and should not have been published anyplace else on the internet outside your platform or website.

Feel free to compose and send fashion and lifestyle-related content to our editor for consideration as a guest blogger if you have the skills necessary to satiate the information needs of those who visit our website looking for fashion information.


1. There should be at least 600 words in each article. As long as the quality of the post(s) is maintained, we encourage authors to submit pieces that are even longer than one thousand words.

2. Your contribution must be original and must not have been previously distributed in printed form or on the Internet.

3. The purpose of your article (or articles) should not be to promote yourself, a company, an organization, or a specific individual.

4. Articles should be 100 percent unique. Plagiarism will be checked out by our team. Furthermore, once anything is submitted to the WEBSITE, it becomes the WEBSITE’s intellectual property and cannot be disseminated, published, or utilized in any way without the explicit and written approval of the WEBSITE’s editorial staff.

5. Don’t forget to upload at least one image that corresponds to your postings, and check to see that the image’s file size is under 70 KB. The width of a picture must be at least XXpx to be uploaded. Please include a notice giving credit to the original owner of the photograph if you are going to share it.

6. It is also required of you to share the content on the various social media networks that you use.

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